Refund, exchange and cancellation policy

Ebooks purchased separately

Raviva Company does not work with the option of exchanging or returning the infoproduct. As it is a digital product, once you download it, you will have our material forever, so there is no possibility of returning it.

Level Up Subscription

You can cancel directly on Hotmart whenever you want.

When you cancel a subscription, you won't be billed in the future, and you'll continue to have access to the product's members area for the period you have already paid. 


  • If you paid for the subscription in installments with a credit card, you'll be billed the remaining installments until the end of the plan. After that, there'll be no new charges. 

To cancel a subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select the product.

  3. Click on "Manage Subscription".

  4. Next, select “Do you want to cancel your subscription?”.

  5. Please confirm the cancellation.

To cancel the subscription and request a refund:

  • When you request a refund, you'll no longer have access to the product.
  • To request a refund, it's necessary to meet the deadline stipulated, that is 7 days.