Which one is better for the kitchen: hardwood or tile flooring?

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen, but you're not sure which material to use on the floor: hardwood or tile? In today's post, we'll help you decide which type is right for your kitchen.

Why choose hardwood flooring?

It's the kind of floor that homeowners love. This material is durable, beautiful and does not go out of style, with several prints available on the market. It provides foot comfort in terms of softness and is also warmer compared to the tile.

The hardood floor, in addition to making the environment beautiful, makes it look bigger, especially if the other rooms in the house have the same floor with the same color. The kitchen space will blend seamlessly into the entire home.

The floor is easy to clean and should be kept that way so it always looks like new. In addition, it is not recommended to be exposed to the sun, because stains can appear.

A less attractive point of this material is that it is not waterproof like tile. As soon as a puddle forms on the ground, you must dry it. The wooden floor surface can be scratched too, so you should be careful with high heels, pet nails and sharp objects. If properly cared, your hardwood floor can last a lifetime or you will have to do the maintence every 10 years.

Why choose tile flooring?

The tile flooring is a very versatile option! It looks great in any room in the house, especially in the kitchen. It is very simple to clean and maintain. It's waterproof and very resistant, so if it forms a puddle, you don't need to dry it immediately and you don't have to worry about objects scraping the floor either.

There are infinite variations of colors and prints available in the market and with them, several ways to install it. There are several patterns for you to innovate when renovating your house: herringbone, subway tile, diagonal and much more! It's also great to match with the cabinets.

If you live in a warm environment, tile flooring is ideal because it is cooler, so on days that are very hot, the floor will hardly be warm. On the other hand, when it is cold, it will be very cold.

A point to be considered is that the mortar can accumulate dirt and become darker. So you may have to repair this detail after a while. Another point is that if it is installed incorrectly, it can crack.

Floor & Decor

So, which one do you want to be in your kitchen?

Regardless of your choice, we can do this installation for you! Contact us and we'll get you a free quote!

May 04, 2022

By: Izabela Alves

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