Where To Start When Remodeling A Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is the most requested type of home renovation due to the high frequency of bathroom use. The remodeling of this room can bring a lot of anxiety, after all, we want to see the result soon, but for that there are steps that cannot be skipped. Pay attention to these steps before planning your renovation.

1. Set a budget

Set a ceiling for spending on your renovation. If you don't have the financial planning, you won't have a guide and you can extrapolate on expenses and spend what you weren't expecting.

2. Look for references

It's important to define the style you want your bathroom to be. Harmonize the ideas and put them all in one place and define: colors, type of tile, style of faucet, sink, shower and more. On our Instagram and Pinterest there are many ideas for you to get inspired.

3. Go shopping, but first take measurements

Make sure you have the correct measurements and specifications when going to the store to buy materials for the work. You will not be able to buy properly without measuring and may end up buying too much.

4. Contract our services

As you know, Raviva Company specializes in remodeling. We have the best professionals in the field avaible to give you all the support from the begining until the end. We value every customer and ensure that every project is not completed until our customers are more than satisfied. You'll save time and won't have to worry about doing the work by yourself or worrying about companies that don't deliver quality work.

From our hiring, we do all the work with quality assurance and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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