Vinegar: A Great Tille Cleaning Ally

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Despite being easy to clean and maintain, the tile gets dirty easily and, if not cleaned often, can end up looking grimy.

An item that we almost always have at home and is a great ally in cleaning is vinegar. It has a high concentration of acetic acid, which helps to degrease, disinfect, shine and eliminate odors.

To help you make your bathroom or kitchen tiles look like new, we've brought you two recipes 😉

🔸 Recipe 1 - Vinegar and detergent

- Mix one serving of white vinegar in two of water;

- Add a few drops of detergent;

- Put the result in a spray bottle;

- Apply the mixture on the tiles and the tub as well;

- Scrub with a sponge;

- Dry thoroughly with a soft dish towel.

🔸 Recipe 2 - Vinegar and lemon

Mix white vinegar and lemon juice in the same amount in a spray bottle. Spread over the spot, use a sponge to scrub and clean with water.

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