Top White Granite countertop Colors in 2022 [Updated!]

White countertops have remained popular for home improvement since the early 2000s and will continue to do so in 2022-2023. They make kitchens look airy and spacious, timeless and light, fresh and clean. The best white granite colors offer durability and versatility and can suit different cabinets and color palettes. 

There is an extensive range of White granite countertop prices. The price range can vary from $40 square feet to $100 Square feet for countertop installation. It makes granite countertops cost affordable for anyone.

Natural granite countertop materials are a hard and nonporous stone, making it a brilliant choice for kitchen counters and other high-traffic areas of your home. It is hard to beat granite when it comes to durable countertops that are also attractive. It is one of the most demanding natural stones and is highly resistant to scratches and chips. Meanwhile, white continues to fit in with the modern design because of its trendy, clean aesthetic. Another great thing about natural granite countertops is it looks fantastic when you do a waterfall island with a waterfall countertop. Because of the movement that the stone has, it seems incredible.

But all white granite countertops aren’t created equal. For starters, there’s no pure white granite in all of nature. Instead, when we talk about white granite, we’re talking about a predominant background of white or off-white bedrock with various other colors subtly mixed in. Because of this, white granite boasts outstanding versatility and can beautifully complement many different cabinet colors.

With so many shades to choose from, how do you know which white granite slabs suit your style? I am bringing here the top-rated white granite colors in 2022.

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Andino White

For a more classic aesthetic, Andino White is attractive with natural oak. Soft shades of white and gray granite intermingle with beige and charcoal accents in lower maintenance granite. Quarried in Brazil, Andino White granite offers a uniform formation that can vary from brilliant white to a more muted look, depending on the slab. As with most other shades of white granite, Andino White is positively versatile to complement both light and dark cabinets.

alt="white granite countertop, andino white with dark cabinets"

Alaska White

Think of white snow on black mountains, and you have Alaska white granite countertops colors. This countertop is the ideal combination of cool and warm tones bringing to sense the Alaskan landscape and featuring slight movement with moderate deviation in color, style, granularity, and pattern. It has a contemporary kitchen feel which can serve both dark and light cabinetry. The brown veins on it can be paired totally with wooden elements.

alt="white granite countertop, Alaska white with white shaker cabinets"

New River White

New River White offers a great deal of variation imported from India, making it a dramatic and vibrant addition to any living space. This dramatic light granite consists of an alabaster bedrock speckled with dark red dots and rich silver veining.

While other granites may feature mineral deposits similar to New River White’s crimson accents, only this color has them in such splendid quantity. Choosing cabinets spotlighting this quality is the best way to showcase the New River White kitchen countertop. White cabinets are an obvious choice for completing New River White, but darker ones provide attractive contrast.

alt="white granite countertop, new river white with white shaker cabinets"

Thunder White

If you fancy the marble look but want something more affordable and more comfortable to maintain, this luxury white granite countertops color is the one for you. This granite variation goes perfectly with bold cabinet colors like navy blue or dark wood. It offers a modern kitchen minimalistic look.

Compatible with residential and commercial use makes, this granite stone is versatile. It is widely favored in its polished form since it adds a nice finish to the whole space.

alt="white granite countertop, thunder white with white shaker cabinets"

Colonial White

Colonial White is a popular choice if you’re looking for light granite that’ll add warmth to your kitchen. Featuring a basis of creamy off-white bedrock, Colonial White has black speckles and smoky silver accent colors.

A touch of rose-pink mineral deposits is also a defining feature of Colonial White. When paired with stark white cabinets, Colonial White countertops soften a space while having a more dramatic effect alongside darker cabinets. Colonial White’s slight movement and variation offer a constant and cohesive feel.

alt="white granite countertop, colonial white with white shaker cabinets"

White Ice

Are you looking for pops of blue and brown on your countertops? White ice countertops originate from Brazil. It has intense veining and has a dramatic impact.

More leaning toward the modern interior aesthetic, it can be a unique contrast to dark colors. It has quartz flakes that boost refections, adding sparkle to the surface. Comparatively less common, it commands premium prices due to its bold appearance.

alt="white granite countertop, white ice with white shaker cabinets"

Mystic Spring

This durable light granite from Brazil features a delicate, intricate blend of grays and whites enhanced by dramatic veining in shades of darker gray and jet black. Versatility is a hallmark of Mystic Spring granite — it pairs perfectly with many other premium surfaces, including everything from porcelain tiles to mosaics. Comparatively uniform in movement and variation, Mystic Spring is an elevating addition to the traditional decor and exudes polished warmth when partnered with darker tones.

alt="white granite countertop, mystic spring with wood cabinets"

Alps White

Alps White contrasts glimmering white crystals, Bordeaux dots, and bold black — all against a warm, white background. This sophisticated shade is imported from Brazil and works well with many different design styles, including everything from traditional to contemporary kitchens. Alps White has slight movement and variation for added visual appeal, whether you’re looking for stunning countertops or a dazzling backsplash, accent wall, or floor.

alt="white granite countertop, alps white with cream cabinets"

Salinas White

Beloved by decorators for its subtle shimmer, Salinas White is lovely for interior and exterior applications. Quarried in Brazil, this creamy, bone-white stone features dense clusters of onyx speckles with lower-contrast accents of light pewter and smoky tan accents. Salinas White, which is comparatively consistent in terms of variation, is heralded for its versatility as with other light granites. While it coordinates well with many colors and decorating styles, it remarkably contrasts dark woodwork in traditional settings.

=alt"white granite countertop, Salinas white with white cabinets"

White Valley

If you are refining your kitchen by doing a custom countertop, White Valley comprises a classic aesthetic with unprecedented versatility that blends beautifully with many design styles. White Valley granite’s winsome white background is elevated by tonal shades of gray veining running throughout the slabs. Imported from Brazil, this dramatic stone adds welcoming warmth to any kitchen. It also offers plenty of visual interest and depth thanks to its abundance of movement.

=alt"white granite countertop, white valley with white cabinets and wood cabinets"

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