The Most Common Types Of Kitchen Sinks

Choosing the ideal sink for the kitchen is one of the fundamental parts of the renovation, because the style of the sink must match the style of the kitchen. With that in mind, we brought up a list of the most common sinks in American homes.

1. Drop-In sink

Also kown as Top-Mount or Self-Rimming Sink, this is the most common one. This is characterized by being embedded in the kitchen countertop, that is, there is a hole in the countertop where the sink is inserted. Its weight is all supported by the edges that are under the bench.

  • Pro: It's easy and cheap to install.

  • Cons: Edges create a barrier between the bottom of the sink and the countertop, which can easily accumulate dirt.

2. Undermount Sink

This type of sink is unlike the drop-in sink. This is fixed to the bottom of the counter and it doesn't has edges.

  • Pro: Because it has no edges, you can easily drag dirt into the sink. Furthermore, this model is more elegant and has better quality than the drop-in sink.

  • Con: It is more expensive than the drop-in model.

Photo: Ubuy

3. Farmhouse Sink

Characterized by being large and large, having a kind of front wall. It is sought after by those who like a country style.

  • Pro: Due to their size, it is possible to wash larger pots and pans. In addition, it is more comfortable for those using it, as the person can get closer to the sink, avoiding tiredness.

  • Cons: It is an expensive model compared to others.

4. Low Divider Double Basin Sink

It is a sink with a division in the middle, but this division goes all the way to the top.

  • Pro: It's easy to use to prepare food.

  • Con: It has little space to be used for washing larger objects.

Photo: Signature hardware

5. Double Basin Sink

Multifunctional, this sink allows you to use one side for washing and the other for rinsing. It is quite common in American homes for its functionality.

  • Pro: Multifunctional.

  • Con: Both sides can be small to hold large pots and pans.

Photo: Burgess Cabinetry

Have you decided which sink best suits your kitchen? Now the next step is to contact us to install it.

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