Kitchen Countertop Trends 2022-2023

Kitchen countertops are essential parts of your kitchen - and your kitchen's design. The countertop is more than just a place to rest your small appliances; it sees a lot of work each day while also playing a big part in your kitchen and style. To help determine what would be trending and which would be the most impactful in 2022, I brought this article from kitchen & bath design news that broke down everything related to kitchen countertop trends for 2022.

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According to the survey, engineered quartz continues to be the countertop material leader. Dealers and designers report growing fastest in demand among their kitchen clients.

Specifically, the KBDN survey found that engineered quartz countertops are seen by nearly 33% of those surveyed as the countertop they see growing fastest in demand. Quartzite – natural sandstone fused under heat and pressure with sparkly quartz crystals – is viewed as the fastest-growing kitchen countertop material by roughly 17% of survey respondents. In comparison, granite is the fastest-growing among just over 9% of the design professionals polled. Other countertop choices include solid surface (7%), marble (5%), sintered stone (4.6%), and concrete (3.3%). Outdoor-friendly characters are also seen as increasing in popularity, along with the growing trend toward outdoor living.

Countertop Colors Seen Most in Demand

In terms of color, white/cream (45%) and gray (24.4%) are the predominant colors in demand, according to survey respondents. Black is preferred by about 12.6% of the designers' clients. Their customers prefer shiny and matte surfaces equally, according to a surveyed design pros report. Dealers and designers also report that clients increasingly gravitate to countertops that feature subtle patterns and movement instead of other options. The KBDN survey found, for example, that 62.5% of the dealers and designers polled reported that countertops with subtle patterns were clients' preferences. In contrast, only 18.8% said their clients gravitate toward marble-look surfaces. In comparison, 12.5% said their clients prefer countertops with dramatic patterns or movement, and 6.3% said they gravitate toward solid-color tops.

Importance of Countertop Sanitary & Health Benefits

Selecting countertops with distinct sanitary/health benefits has become increasingly important to clients, doubtless due to increased awareness regarding the benefits of anti-microbial protection due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, some 55% of their customers consider sanitary benefits such as easy-to-clean and anti-microbial protection to be either "significant" (42%) or "extremely important" (13.2%), according to surveyed dealers and designers. At the same time, surveyed design pros say sanitary benefits are "moderately important" to some 24% of their clients. By comparison, only about 20% of their customers consider sanitary benefits to be only "slightly important" (18.3%) or "not at all important" (1.9%), survey respondents report.

Importance of Countertop Durability

Durability also remains an essential factor in countertop material selection. Some 55% of the surveyed dealers and designers say durability is "essential" to clients, and roughly 37% say durability is "critical." In contrast, only about 1.3% of clients feel countertop durability is "not at all" important.

Importance of Affordability In Countertop Selection

Affordability, as noted earlier, is less of a factor in countertop selection.

The KBDN survey found, for example, that only about 36% of their customers consider affordability to be either "extremely" significant (8.5%) or "very" important" (25%), survey respondents said.

By comparison, however, 56% of dealers' and designers' customers said affordability was only "moderately" important. In contrast, more than 10% said it was either only "slightly" important (8%) or "not important at all" (2.4%).

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