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It’s no surprise that the kitchen is the focal point of your home, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible. Even if you aren’t a professional chef or a seasoned eater, you may easily decorate your kitchen tables or counters to bring personality and flair to the room.

You should discuss more than just the quartz vs granite countertop battle. Kitchen countertop accessories can level up your kitchen and make it a luxury without spending much money on an expensive white granite countertops installation or a waterfall countertop.

However, when it comes to kitchen décor, one thing to keep in mind is to utilize functional and attractive accessories. Read below the guide that my countertop store team and I prepare so you can learn how to decorate your kitchen counter.

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Kitchen Countertop Accessories

Style with Plants

It’s no secret that plants lend life to any space, including kitchens and vanity countertops. In the kitchen, don’t be hesitant to use plants to decorate. Consider trailing vines from the exposed shelf and hardy succulents near the Kitchen sink faucet. Plants can be perched on top of less-used canisters, or you can even hang them with a hook from the bottom of the base cabinet.

Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is a handy kitchen tool for those who track portion sizes. A scale can also be helpful for baking and weight conversions. You can also find scales online in every rainbow color and digital version.

Spice Rack

It’s not a good idea to have an unsightly old spice rack out as countertop decor. Nevertheless, you can upgrade your rack instead to something more modern.

If you opt for this trick, ensure the containers you pour your spices into are attractive. Remember, the glass shakers are far more appealing than a collection of plastic shakers with colorful labels.


An appliance garage is a handy thing, but I like seeing mixers. I love the color and the simple engineering of a mixer. We always use ours to earn a counter spot in our house. Try a baking corner with a mixer, measuring cups, and a rolling pin.

Bamboo Lazy Susan

A small lazy susan made of bamboo on your kitchen counter is another great way to use up some space smartly. Place it near your stove to quickly grab ingredients you often use (just put them into pretty containers). It is a popular choice.

Cookbook Stand

The book stand is one of my favorite countertop accessories. Use it for a hard-copy cookbook or an iPad with a recipe app. The best book stand is heavy enough to support even a large book. Consider a cast iron one with felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching.

Decorated Serving Tray

A decorative serving tray is a fantastic way to add attractive decor to your countertops, mainly if you have limited space. You can quickly pick everything up and transfer it when you need it.

Condiment Canisters

You can place canisters for sugar, flour, and salt and pepper shakers on the counter. These canisters can be glass, ceramic, or tin. The styling details are endless, but I suggest airtight versions to keep out pests.


Another power appliance in many homes, the coffeemaker, need not be hidden away. Those who drink coffee daily should consider a coffee section for their counter. For example, if you have a black countertop, you can use a colorful coffeemaker.

Incorporate Color Touches

It’s up to you how you add color touches to your kitchen. Bright objects will attract attention in every way. Therefore, maintain color harmony in your kitchen, but avoid a rainbow effect. The more neutral the colors, the nicer and more stylish your kitchen will appear.

Try to use more colorful accessories when you have a neutral quartz countertop with white cabinets. Suppose you have a custom countertop color with a bright cabinet. In that case, you should try using neutral color kitchen countertop accessories.

Utensils and Ingredients

I like a container for tall utensils right next to my stove. I use a slotted spoon just about every time I cook, so why not have it there at the ready? And I think keeping oils, salt, and pepper within arm’s reach is pleasing and exciting.

Add Some Patterned Accents

Use a natural stone as a material to offer a touch of class. Try to add a pattern to your backsplash. It will allow you to complement your countertop. In addition, both these ideas will also make it easy to clean.

Elegant and white granite colors say a lot about your interior design preferences. It adds visual intrigue to your minimalist kitchen. Likewise, large designs will make your small kitchen appear more prominent and roomier.

Lighting Feature

Another item you can include on your kitchen counters to offer warmth and the visual appeal is lighting. You can add rope, task, or accent lighting to illuminate darker regions beneath the bottoms of cabinets or in corners. Alternatively, you can put recessed lighting on the kitchen countertops.

Regarding accessories in your modern kitchen design, try including gorgeous design elements or artwork. Clocks from the 1950s and 1960s, movie or historical event posters, and copies of iconic contemporary paintings may all complement any modern kitchen design. These features offer visual interest to your kitchen and dining area while serving as a natural conversation starter.

Oversize Bowl

Here is an idea that will appeal to some but not others. Oversize bowls can sometimes take much work to store, especially with standard-depth upper cabinets at 13 inches. I use oversize bowls a lot for pasta and salad. Find the best-looking and thickest one and leave it on the counter.

Add Glass Storage Jars

Grab some glass storage jars if you have plenty of surface space but need more cabinet storage. It will help to get the most out of your kitchen counters.

To keep your kitchen countertop neutral, fill the glass jars with flour, sugar, or rice. On the other hand, fill the jars with snacks and goodies if you want a little more fun.


My family loves toast. I bought a giant toaster I could find, and there still is a line at breakfast time. The toaster gets a spot on the counter in my kitchen. Keep yours next to a bread drawer or bin for a complete toasting section.


Kitchen countertops are one of the valuable areas in your home. You want them to be both functional and attractive. Investing in elegant pots and cutting boards is a good idea because they serve the dual purpose of bringing beauty and usability to your kitchen.

You can also use other kitchen accessories mentioned in the guide on accessorizing a kitchen counter. They will help you decorate your kitchen counters in the best way.

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