Is marble a good bathroom flooring?

A bathroom flooring, as its name suggests, is a material used to cover a surface.It is usually chosen based on the identification of a need. For example, the bathroom needs a flooring to prevent moisture from permeating the building.

Marble comes handy as an option for people that are looking for a coating for the bathroom at home. It’s a natural stone, extracted in different sizes, which can be used indoors or outdoors.

One of its perks is that it’s very versatile and it can be used anywhere. It is used to protect wet surfaces, on the walls or on the floor of your house rooms.

In spite of its high cost, in comparison to the others coatings, marble is the option you certainly should check with more care.

What are the perks of marble as a bathroom flooring?

Marble is a material that has a light visual, certainly known for its veins that gives it a delicate look. The perk of using marble as a bathroom flooring is the fanciness that brings to the environment, besides its high durability and versatility in its usage.

There are some precautions you should be aware of if you are considering marble as your material choice. If you have children or animals in the house with free access to the bathroom, you should be more careful with this material.

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In spite of marble’s resistance, it can be scratched and be damaged by bad weather.

So, use it as a coating for the bathroom in a responsible and cohesive way. Always remembering to make your coatings connect and harmonize with your other items.

Marble types that can be used as bathroom floorings

Marble pieces can have different colors, shapes and textures, depending on the desired specification. For this reason, Raviva Company specialists have selected the most traditional types of marble available in the civil construction market.

  • Carrara White: carrara white marble comes from Italy. It’s one of the most looked for pieces to be used in decoration. This stone has light colors, which brings more sophistication;

  • Nero: this marble is characterized by a very dark color contrasting with light veins, which stand out in the stone. Ideal for environments more prone to being stained;

  • Travertine: similar to Carrara, but found in beige color and quite porous;

  • Calacatta Oro: Calacatta Oro is one of the most expensive and valued types in existence, due to its light appearance, with gray and golden veins;

  • Volakas: from Greece, Volakas marble is also light with gray veins, however, it has a more homogeneous appearance.

Marble as bathroom flooring: finishes

A marble piece can receive different types of finishing, which vary according to the appearance that the customer wants.

With the exception of raw marble, which does not receive any type of finish, among the most common treatments, we highlight:

  • Polished: the polishing of the material gives it a smooth and shiny appearance. It is one of the most used finishes in marble as a coating for the bathroom;

  • Sandblasted: it is a finish in which the material is sandblasted. Marble becomes non-slip and opaque;

  • Levigated: the marble is sanded with abrasives, obtaining a smooth texture and opaque appearance;

  • Crystallization: the crystallization process provides a protective film to the marble, ensuring greater durability;

  • Resin: this finish consists of the application of a liquid resin on the stone, after its lustration. This allows the closing of pores and fissures, ensuring better polishing and glow;

  • Spiked: to obtain a rougher finish, the marble receives small blows with a hammer or other impacts, creating a surface with a porous appearance, full of reliefs;

  • Flamed: consists of fire pulses that give the marble a wavy and rough appearance.

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