Does Small Kitchen look good with black Countertops?

Black countertops in a small kitchen? You bet! While it's true that dark colors can make a space appear smaller, it is only sometimes the case.

Suppose you have yet to make your decision about which type of stone you are going to have. It depends on how much light is in the room. Many homeowners are drawn to black countertop kitchen. When integrated thoughtfully, black quartz countertops or black granite countertops can make your kitchen design feel elegant and sophisticated, even if the space is small. Reading my article about quartz vs granite countertops is a good idea.

While, as a solid decorative rule of thumb, using dark colors will make the space feel more cramped and confined, this notion only really pertains to wall paint. It is most often a cautionary notion for bathrooms. On the other hand, a smaller kitchen is another story altogether.

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Black Countertop Kitchen

The perfect pairing

Light countertops and light cabinets are seen together, and the inverse of dark countertops with deep stained or black cabinetry. It is historically aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the decorative marrying of like colors makes the most sense. White countertops are standard. It makes a black countertop kitchen unique. Our countertop store, Raviva Company, has many black granite color options or a completely different choice for your existing countertop, black porcelain countertops with gray veining.

Tips for Dark Countertops in Small Kitchens

Deciding to place a dark countertop in a small kitchen may not be the most popular choice among designers or homeowners. Still, it can be breathtaking if you do it right. Making a black countertop installation on a white background can be a fantastic choice.

Here are some tips to help you make your kitchen as appealing as possible.

Pair dark countertops with light cabinetry.

Dark countertops and cabinetry make a small kitchen seem even more minor. However, selecting a lighter cabinet color with your cabinet maker Raviva Company instead will give you the contrast you need to avoid this problem. The difference can also be striking, making your kitchen more appealing and memorable.

Choose lighter wall colors.

The risk of a kitchen looking smaller because of a dark countertop is nearly as severe as the risk that comes with darker walls. While a lighter wall reflects light and gives the illusion of additional space, a darker wall has the opposite effect. However, you can sometimes use dark walls in a small kitchen successfully when using a white granite countertop, for example. Still, you should generally avoid them if you have already chosen a dark countertop.

Add spaciousness in other ways.

If you have already chosen a black countertop and are worried about the size of your kitchen, you can make other small design choices that make it feel more spacious. For example, while some floor patterns may make your kitchen look smaller, others can make it larger. Examples include porcelain tile floor patterns that include large diamonds or chevrons. Choosing cabinetry with glass inserts and maximizing storage space to cut down on clutter can make your kitchen more open and spacious. Avoid selecting a waterfall countertop. It looks magnifico but will make your kitchen looks smaller.


Lighting is a significant factor, as many homeowners want to create a well-lit, airy kitchen space. While some have the good fortune of natural sunlight and lots of windows, others (sadly) do not. Darker cabinets are best paired with black counter surfaces in well-lit spaces.

For poorly lit areas, selecting a brighter cabinet color is advisable. However, for homeowners looking for black cabinet colors with dark countertops, using bright-colored accents or adding good-quality light fixtures is a clever way to improve the breathability of the space.

Foot traffic

While white cabinets appeal to the eye, they may not be ideal in kitchens with high foot traffic. Staining and discoloration are easily visible with this color, which means more time cleaning, maintaining, and repainting these cabinets. Still, they are an excellent option for homeowners who want the contrast and do not mind the regular upkeep cost.

Kitchen design

You must ask yourself: what is my kitchen aesthetic? Whether it is contemporary, modern, colonial, farmhouse, or anything in between, choosing a color combination that goes well with the style of your kitchen space is critical. Once you define your aesthetic, choosing colors that complement and elevate the look of your home becomes a much easier task.

Consult a stone design professional.

Consulting a design professional is the best way to make sure. A design professional can help you make the best decision based on your situation's specifics and design goals. Raviva Company has the best designers to help you through the process.

Dark countertops can be beautiful and are available in various materials, including natural stones like Granite and marble and engineering stones like quartz. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still use these colors in your kitchen successfully if you make the right choices and plan carefully.

Other styles to improve your aesthetic

  • Gray is the neutral halfway point between black and white. For a countertop material that is medium gray or a popular white granite countertop with flecks of medium gray in it, pairing it with white cabinets and appliances will look very contemporary.

  • If you like a monochrome style, black countertops with simple white cabinets could look nice.

  • Hang some funny sayings, kitchen puns, or artwork. Having all your cabinets be below the counter, and your walls above exposed, with a tile backsplash that isn't too high, could also look good. It will open the space just by making it feel more like home.

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