Colors to make your home even more modern

Looking for inspiration to paint your house?

In today's post we will show you colors that will make your home look modern, but before choosing colors, you need to consider the style and message you want to communicate with those colors.

Don't get stuck with just one hue. Use your creativity and mix it up, so your house will become even more attractive and full of personality

1. Gray

Widely used in modern projects, on facades or rooms in the house, as it is a color that matches many others. By having this ease of combination, you can add decorative objects with striking colors, such as yellow, red and blue, giving even more personality to the space.

The advantage of this color is that it doesn't stain easily, so it doesn't need constant maintenance.

2. Black

This color will certainly bring more modernity to your home, but you should be very careful with the excess of walls painted in this color, otherwise, the environment will be very overloaded. The ideal is to combine black with white or gray.

One idea of ​​using black in decoration is to use it to highlight something. Combining black with wood or stone objects will also provide an environment full of style and personality.

3. White

White is a neutral color, so it blends in with many others, which is why it's so common in modern designs. White manages to bring a more sophisticated touch to the decoration of modern houses and also contributes to the feeling of spaciousness in the case of modern and small houses.

Remember that if you choose white, it will be more difficult to maintain, as it gets dirty, so choose strategic places to paint that color.

4. Blue

Darker blue tones like navy blue and petroleum blue are great colors for a modern and sophisticated look. More vibrant tones such as turquoise, on the other hand, bring a more relaxed air to the decor, while light tones such as pastel blue are great as modern and minimalist house colors.

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