Cambria Quartz Countertops

Updated: Nov 7

Cambria is American-made and family-owned. All products are made in America by people who pride themselves on their commitment to excellence, craft, and attention to detail. Beauty should last. That's why Cambria quartz countertops are stain, chip, scratch resistant, and food safe. Raviva Company shares Cambria's passion. 

Why Choose Cambria® Quartz for your Countertop?

The artisans at Cambria take their work seriously, and every countertop goes through a thorough multi-point inspection process to ensure the highest quality products. Their countertops are certified by NSF International, meaning Cambria quartz surfaces are as hygienic as stainless steel and safe for food preparation. Cambria is also certified by GREENGUARD™ as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality, and independent studies have proven that it has no harmful emissions.

Now that you know Cambria produces quartz countertops with the highest hygiene and durability standards, you may be wondering — what about kitchen design and style? If you're impressed with this product's credentials, wait until you see all their design options!

Cambria® is the only American-Made and Family-Owned Producer of Natural Quartz Surfaces.

Made here in the USA, Cambria is committed to providing an environmentally sustainable product with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. With unmatched strength, durability, and natural germ resistance, quartz is an excellent countertop choice for busy homeowners and kitchens.

Since Cambria is a premier countertop manufacturer with the highest standards for its materials, Cambria stones can be costly. Still, you can be sure that you will have something unique and luxurious.

Cambria® 2022 trends


Rich, warm tones are back in full force, but the best-dressed kitchens keep the look fresh and light by balancing wood finishes with plenty of white. Home builder JASON BLACK and his wife, interior designer GRETCHEN BLACK, took this approach to the kitchen of a new home in Louisville, Kentucky. "We painted the backs of the cabinet interiors white and incorporated glass into the doors," says Gretchen. "All the white keeps the look light and also emphasizes the texture of the stained oak."

alt="wood cabinets with a Cambria clovelly quartz"
Wood Cabinets with Cambria Quartz


Black cabinets have been having a moment. The finish can complement a wide range of design styles, including the look designer VANESSA DELEON wanted for her space: "minimalism meets glamour." Deleon knew that adding the gleam of warm metallic hardware and accents would help her create that nuanced look, and she was initially drawn to gold finishes. But, ultimately, "I decided copper and black would be more unique," she says. Decision made, Deleon went big with the effect, even designing a black-trimmed copper range hood.

alt="metallic hardware, a gleaming range hood, a dimensional countertop Cambria BRITTANICCA GOLD with dark cabinets"
Dark Cabinets with Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz


Of course, today's kitchens need to be efficient cooking spaces, but they're also prime gathering and entertaining centers. So, designers like MARY DIMICHINO take care to build flexibility. A kitchen usually has to function for at least two people cooking and cleaning up simultaneously," she says. To provide adequate workspace, she installed a large island topped with Cambria SUTHERLAND™ in this project and a wine bar. "The island doubles as a dining table and provides adequate prep space," says Dimichino.

alt="Cambria CHARLESTOWN™ quartz with the lighter island counter"
Cambria CHARLESTOWN™ quartz with the lighter island counter


Creating a robust indoor-outdoor connection is one of the surest paths to making a space feel fresh and nurturing. Designer JACLYN PETERS did just that in this Canadian kitchen, bringing nature into her design with exposed wood beams, woven rattan stools, and the bold natural texture of Cambria BRITTANICCA on the countertops. "Focusing on warmer tones and rich textures made everything feel very cozy," says Jaclyn.

alt="old fashion white cabinets with Cambria quartz"
White Cabinets with Brittanicca Cambria Quartz

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