5 most popular styles in interior design

Before buying the materials for the remodeling of your home, learn about the styles most used in interior design decoration and see which one is best suits your personality.

1. Contemporary

The contemporary style values ​​the fluid circulation that guarantees the space's functionality, valuing the visual range. It is marked by straight and sophisticated furniture, a clean look and neutral and light colors. Wood, marble, glass and metallic items are also very welcome in the contemporary style.

2. Industrial

This style was born in New York in the 60's and has returned with everything to the present day. The industrial style is inspired by the old factories, so bricks and apparent piping are highlights in this decor.

Lighting is also another key factor for the industrialist. It is visible through visible conduits and even lamps with visible filaments.

If you like this style, mix wood and aged iron in your decor.

3. Minimalist

Minimalism is a movement that emerged in the 20th century in the art scene and is increasingly present. This is characterized by only the essentials and believes that the house should be a place of peace and tranquility.

The minimalist style emphasizes the use of essential elements in the decoration. Also, light colors are present.

4. Scandinavian

Scandinavian design originated in northern Europe, on the Scandinavian peninsula. Among the main features are simplicity and functionality. The style explores the luminosity and clarity of the environments, but to break the sober atmosphere, wood is used, providing more comfort.

5. Provencal

This style comes from the south of France, where there is country life. Provencal emphasizes natural elements, such as wood and flowers, providing a romantic atmosphere to the decoration.

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