4 Ways To Prevent Damage To Your Hardwood Floor

After your beautiful hardood floor is installed, it is important to pay attention to it and be very careful. In the end, you want to keep it perfect as long as possible, right?

So today we'll give you 4 tips to keep it always perfect as new.

1. Put pads on the furniture

It is interesting to put this protection on the feet of furniture, especially on heavy ones, which can damage the floor. Also, pads are required on chairs, as it is common for us to be dragging them from side to side, which will cause scratches. And with this tip, we jump to the second one.

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2. Don't drag furniture.

Dragging furniture will also cause scratches on the floor. Instead, lift them up and move them.

Extra tip

If you have pets, pay attention to their nails because they can also scratch the floor.

3. Dry accumulated water immediately.

If someone has dropped water on the floor or rainwater has entered your home, dry it off immediately. Water and wood don't mix!

Wood has the ability to retain or absorb water, the wood fiber swells and eventually cracks. In addition, problems like mold and mildew can also happen. The repair will vary depending on the size of the damage done.

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4. Avoid damage caused by nature

Changes in humidity can cause a hardwood floor to expand and contract. To prevent this, use an air conditioner, humidifier or dehumidifier as needed to maintain an adequate level of humidity in the room.

Also, the sun's ultraviolet rays can change the color of the wooden floor. Use window blinds to protect the floor from ultraviolet rays and prevent fading.

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