4 Ways To Improve Rental Returns

Who wouldn't want to pay extra for a comfortable, beautiful, well-planned home? These are 4 ways to improve your home and increase its market value.

1. Renovate the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main spaces in the house and it needs to be always clean. It can be a deciding factor for some people when choosing a residence. If your bathroom looks bad, you can change the tiles or paint them and change old accessories like shower, sink or shower.

2. Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is another very important room. Whoever will rent the house will certainly not mind paying extra for a nice kitchen. Just like in the bathroom, you can replace the tiles or paint them, do a good cleaning of the cabinets (click here to find out how) or even change their doors. Also, change some appliances like the dishwasher if yours is having problems.

3. Make the property petfriendly

These properties are very popular, people want to bring their pets closer to the family. However, some problems caused by the animal can happen and for that, you can put a clause in the contract saying that the damages caused by the animal must be paid by the tenant.

4. Invest in good lighting

Do not leave your house in the dark, this is not attractive for those who are going to rent. The bright light will bring a welcoming feeling and create the illusion of space.

You can count on Raviva to make the necessary renovations in your home. Our qualified team is ready to assist and free you from the stress that remodeling can bring.

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