4 Interior Trends For 2022

It's already the end of October, the year is about to end and we already know what will be the trend in the year 2022. With the pandemic, habits and consumption have changed and we can see a high demand for more comfortable designs and need for nature indoors, due to the high need to spand more time at home. In addition, over time, fashion simply changes and more and more, homeowners have been looking for timeless, high-quality models.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what's going to be hot in interior design on 2022

1. Let nature in

Human beings need contact with nature in their daily lives and bringing nature into the home is certainly a way to be in contact with it. You can add plants to your decor or buy a table, cabinets and other objects made from sustainable wood, and this decor model matches any room in the house, from the backyard to the bathroom. The environment will be lighter and more cozy. Check out the photos below.

2. Geometry

Geometric shapes are still all the rage in 2022. Tiles definitely fit this one! There are a wide variety of geometric patterns that can be made with them.

Get inspired by the photos below.

3. Comfort and durability

As stated before, comfort and durability is what it is. Due to long months spent at home, there was a need to make the place even more cozy so that the stay at home would be pleasant. So materials, furniture and objects that provide comfort and durability will be on the rise in 2022, such as pillows, rugs, blankets and lampshades.

4. Colors

Brown is one of the most beloved colors in decoration, as it is very versatile and can be used in furniture and on the floor, and in 2022 it will be no different. In addition to brown, green, earth tones, pink and blue will also be very welcome, according to large paint companies.

Which trend will you apply in your home? Comment bellow and share with your friends!

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