Transform, Accrete & Enchant: That's what we live for.

Our mission is accrete value in people's lives who look for internal reforms, transforming the experience into an enchantment from the beginning to the end.

With this in mind, Raviva Company has built it's success based on extraordinary customer service, excellence of quality and solid experience. We have professionals with more than 10 years of experience. Our team are training every week to always improve their skills. As Company, we recognize that remodeling can be complicated and can be overwhelming at times. Because of this, our trained staff is ready to answer your questions, explain you all the steps that needs to be taken. The combined efforts of an outstanding management team, all in-house staff and the area’s best suppliers provide the best experience that you ever have before. 

Meet our team!


Marcus Oliveira

(Operational Manager)

I’ve been working for 10 years as a quality, innovation and integrated management systems coordinator. I’m an experienced equipment, manufacturing, dimensional, penetrating liquid magnetic particle, electromagnetic inspector. I’m also a mechanical and electrical technician. On and off shore experience in leadership.


Welber Gomes

(Project Manager)

I am always improving my skills and dedicating myself to the maximum in my role. I'm a technician and I have experience in the administrative area. At Raviva, I occupy the position of Project Manager with a lot of dedication and commitment.

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Rafael Oliveira



I have more than 10 years of experience in the market and lead large teams in different terrains such as offshore oil vessels, multinational companies in Brazil, Angola and in the United States. I’m a leadership and processes specialist. Always focused, determined and loyal!


Izabela Alves

(Marketing Assistent)

Graduated in advertising, I have been working in the market for 5 years. I have worked in the oil and gas, technology and retail sector. I have extensive knowledge in marketing, social media, e-commerce and I am currently delving into the world of UX and UI design.


Amanda Souza

(Customer Service Specialist)

Graduated in environmental and sanitary engineering, I worked for 3 years in the environmental area with an emphasis on shipping company and oil gas sectors. Currently finishing the career transition in order to act as a Customer Service Specialist always ensuring the quality of services provided by the company.


Vanessa Barros

(Account Specialist)

Technical in data processing, with experience in several areas in the administrative area and fourteen years of experience in the accounting. I hope to contribute with the experience I gained to the company's growth.

Our partners

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Why choose us?

Extraordinary customer service

We are proud to say that we have outstanding customer service. We will accompany you from the first contact with us, providing all the necessary support.


Quality excellence

We value the investment you will make in your home. Therefore, delivering the service with maximum quality is our obligation and we will not finish until you are completely satisfied.

Solid experience

We have qualified professionals in all areas of the company. From the administrative to the operational, which contributes to the excellence of our work.

Best cost benefit

In addition to delivering impeccable work, we have prices that fit your budget.

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